This untitled poem was submitted by Dr. Mary-Jeanette Smythe, an Enfield alumni, now Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, at University of Missouri, Columbia. She requests that if anyone knows the name, or the author of this poem, to please email Enfield Memories with the information.

I'm going back to Enfield, Tom,
and look the old town 'oer.
Where you, and I, and Thornton Hall,
were boys in 1904.

I long to see the old schoolhouse,
Where we all used to play.
Meet me in old Enfield, Tom,
meet me at old Mule Day.

We'll see the boys and girls, dear Tom,
and watch the floats go by.
We'll buy a pair of long-eared mules.
If they don't sell too high,
We'll sing and shout and make "whoopee."

They'll come in Fords and Chevy's, too,
some on the B&O,
while others on the L&N,
will travel to the show.

Old Dobbin will be left at home,
to feast on soybean hay.
So meet me in old Enfield, Tom
meet me on Mule Day.

There'll be no necking in the park,
the lights are shining there.
Each lover has a brand new coupe,
so flappers all beware.

But we can see our dear old friends,
and revel while we stay,
so meet me in old Enfield,
and hear the big band play.
Oh, meet me in Old Enfield, Tom.
meet me on Mule Day.

We'll eat hotdogs and drink Nehi,
and puff a Lucky Strike.
We'll meet old pals we used to meet,
while strolling down the pike.

We'll cross the bridge to S.I.C.,
and listen, what do you say.
Will you meet me in old Enfield, Tom,
meet me on Mule Day?

We'll meet Joe Woods and Williard Kirk,
Buck Bleeks and Sandy Hays.
And maybe some of our old friends,
we met in other days.

There's Dugan and Al and L.F.G.,
and Mose and Ed and Ray,
oh meet me in old, Enfield, Tom,
meet me on Mule Day.

But Alex and Jess and Edward R.,
we'll ne'er shall see this time.
And Uncle Bill and Uncle Jim,
are in that better clime.

But let's go back and greet the folks.
and greet them while we may,
so meet me in old Enfield, Tom,
meet me on Mule Day.

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