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A self-confessed foodie, whose favorite cookbook since the 80's is a much loved, well worn copy of The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins, I read cookbooks like other people read novels. Everything from Julia Child to The Barefoot Contessa to Abby Mandel to Wolfgang Puck is in my library. I have lots of Junior League and regional cookbooks, too, but I must admit that when I opened Recipes and Recollections, sent to me by Cindy Birk Conley this week, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at both the content and the quality of the book!

It's one of the best, if not THE best community cookbook I've read yet. It really is an outstanding effort by the White County Historical Society, headed by former county extension advisor, Ranelle Hueble, and it's very apparent that lots of thought went into it's preparation and publishing. If you're looking for an addition to your personal collection, or perhaps a gift for a special friend, this book is for you. It's definitely a four star production, ladies.

I think what most intrigued me were the family photographs and the descriptions of so many of the recipes by the authors. It was a trip down memory lane reading the names of the women who submitted them, many of whom I remember but haven't thought about in years. I was so surprised when I saw the recipe for Date Nut Roll, submitted by Anita Sullivan in rembrance of her Mother, Frances Maier. This was always a favorite at our Christmas table, too. Mother has made this recipe for the last fifty years. She found it, originally, in an old White County Cookbook published in 1929. I also found a recipe for Kentucky Jam Cake, very similar to the long forgotten Kentucky recipe that my Daddy's family used to make at holiday time.

You will find recipes for dishes such as Mr. Kent's Apple-Topped Porkchops and Sweet & Sour Bratwursts, Sue Calvert's Tangy Spinach Salad and Loin of Pork with Glazed Apricots, Carrie Griffith's Stollen, and the famous Three-Day Coconut Cake Recipe from the Southern Living Magazine's Reader's Choice Award winning and area day tripper's favorite Patti's Restaurant in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. There are cherished old family recipes like Minnie Crogan's Basic Sweet Dough and Fried Pies, Dorothy Garrett's Native American Persimmon Pudding and Gertie Pretzsch's Chicken and Dumplings. Bill and Linda Williams submitted several family recipes, including his Mother's Gingersnaps and Rum Sweet Potatoes, plus Linda's Jade Green Broccoli and a wonderful entry and picture of her father, along with his recipe, titled Daddy's Chicken Salad Special.

You can order your copy of this fascinating cookbook at the address below, it's definitely money well spent.

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